15 June 2017

Five Films for a Summer Afternoon

We love summer because for many, it is synonymous with holidays and good times. We often have the free time to enjoy all the things which during the rest of the year we would love to do, like sit back and watch a good film. Especially in the afternoon, while having a siesta in a cool place, which can be the perfect way to find a bit of shelter from the heat.


If you are looking for some entertainment to enjoy during the long hot days, let us make five fun, different and refreshing recommendations:


A story set in paradise – The Blue Lagoon

Even if we can’t actually travel to an authentic island paradise, we can always do so by watching the very popular film, “The Blue Lagoon” (1980). Watch this beautiful story about human behaviour, discovery, respect for nature and love.


A saga – Pirates of the Caribbean
Here, we can’t choose just one, so we recommend a whole seafaring saga. If you are going to have a film marathon in summer, it has to be the fearsome “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow on the high seas will fill our summer afternoons with hours of fun and action.


A cartoon feature – Frozen

In the heat of summer, sometimes there is nothing better than a film as refreshing as ice. “Frozen”, the latest great Disney classic, is much more than a film for children. Young and old alike will enjoy this wonderful story about the love between sisters, courage, acceptance and reconciliation in an absolutely frozen environment – perfect for helping you endure the heat!


A science fiction film – The Day After Tomorrow

What would happen if the consequences of climate change happened all of a sudden? According to the writers of the film “The Day After Tomorrow”, the world would succumb to storms and deep snow would cover each and every city, such as New York. How will the remaining survivors overcome this natural disaster? This film’s frozen temperatures will make you a little less inclined to wish it were colder, and also, it encourages you to reflect on the environment.


A classic – Roman Holiday

Princess Anna (a supremely elegant Audrey Hepburn), goes to Rome as part of her official duties. Once there, she decides to live as a normal citizen, at least for a day, because she is fed up with all the protocol. Finding herself on the streets, she is taken in by journalist Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), who gains her trust straight away with the secret intention of taking photos of her and becoming famous. But the more time they spend together, the more he falls in love… It is an unforgettable film that invites you to imagine you are a tourist on a Vespa in the Rome of 1953.