29 June 2017

Discover Stand-up Paddle Surfing – Your New Favourite Sport this Summer

Summer is an ideal time to indulge yourself a little, enjoy what you like the most and take advantage of your free time to do some sport. If you want to try something new this year, we suggest you give stand up paddle surfing a go, or SUP as it is known. This sport has become fashionable of late due to its originality, but above all, because having a fun time is guaranteed.

Walking on water is generally considered a miracle, and the closest you can get to this divine act is paddle surfing. This sport, in which you stand on a board and use a paddle to propel yourself through the water, has caught on around the world in recent years, and no wonder! Here are the SUP essentials, which explain why it is so popular.


Paddle surfing can be relaxing or energetic

This sport is essentially a question of balance. Keep your feet apart, remain in an upright position and adjust your body to the rocking so as not to fall — this sport is one that very subtly tones your whole body. Paddling must be done with your entire body, and one of the benefits is that you give a workout to your muscles from head to toe.

Another plus for those who plan to take up this sport is that you can choose how intensely you want to do it. If you like, you can simply slide by and enjoy the fresh air and the sun, while you contemplate both the coast and marine scenery (the fact that you are standing up enables you to see the bottom of the sea, if the water is clear and not too deep). Alternatively, if you want to get a sweat on, you can travel for miles, or have races with your friends. You’re sure to end up exhausted!


The closest thing to being a surfer

There is a variety called “SUP surfing” which is closer to traditional surfing. This variety is usually done in the sea, because the goal is to paddle out to sea and surf back. SUP surfing uses boards that are wider than traditional surfboards, which makes it easier to stay on your feet, and as a result, it is less of a challenge for those who are new to the sport.


On the water but without getting wet

SUP is a water sport because water is an essential element to do the activity. However, if you keep your balance, you can enjoy a morning’s paddle surfing without getting wet (as long as you don’t fall!), and, if at any time you fancy a dip, just jump in.


Beyond the sea

Currently, many beaches offer board rental services and SUP classes; however, another fun option is to try it in other places such as rivers and reservoirs. Some examples are the lake of the Northern Sierra of Madrid, the Iznájar reservoir in Cordoba, or the rivers of Aragon, such as the Ebro. In Valencia, you can go to the Loriguilla reservoir (inland Alicante). In Catalonia, you can do SUP in the Mont-rebei gorge or on the Sau reservoir, for example, and in Castilla y León, on the Burguillo reservoir.

Surely close to your home, you are bound to find a place where you can do SUP, either in the sea or inland. Make plans with your friends, pack your swimsuit, a towel and sunscreen in a rucksack and don’t forget your Ligeras crisps and some cool water to wash them down. Go ahead, and have a good time doing this truly “in” sport.