20 June 2017

Keys to a Perfect Aperitif

An aperitif is the inauguration of lunchtime around a table. Therefore, if you want to start this prelude to the meal successfully, every last detail has to be taken care of. Here we reveal the keys to preparing a perfect aperitif.


Chilled alcoholic or soft drinks
The most important aspect of the drink is for it to be at the proper temperature. If you opt out of the traditional beer or vermouth, we recommend you try a spritz, a fashionable Italian drink made from dry white wine, sparkling mineral water or tonic water and a few drops of pink liqueur. If you prefer a non-alcoholic alternative to the typical soft drinks, try a natural fruit juice, for instance, of watermelon with lemon and mint leaves.


Olives are one of the symbols of the Mediterranean diet that are an essential part of any aperitif. We recommend you try a selection, such as arbequina, split, spicy, garlic or even giant olives. If there are children among the guests, we recommend that you always have some pitted olives on hand.


Crudités and Dips
In recent years, crudités (raw vegetables cut into strips) have been making a comeback. As well as being surprisingly tasty and very healthy, their crunchiness makes them the ideal companion for dips such as hummus, cod brandade and cream cheese.


Tinned Shellfish
Shellfish and seafood add that special touch to aperitifs. Cockles, pickled mussels or tinned squid are traditional aperitif fare that whet your appetite without filling you up. However, if you want to surprise your guests, we suggest serving a few grilled razor shells with fennel and thyme.


Homemade Frit Ravich Crisps
The star attraction of aperitifs is undoubtedly the crisps. An aperitif is not an aperitif without them, and we recommend our homemade Frit Ravich crisps, with their traditional flavour, fried in olive oil and salted. They are and will always be the indispensable ingredient of such pleasant occasions.