29 May 2017


One of the strategic cornerstones of Frit Ravich is the value of its people, who are the most important asset of the company. For this reason, the company has incorporated 11 workers who are at risk of social exclusion through the Incorpora programme, which is an employment mediation programme run by the La Caixa Social Project.

For the company, being part of this programme means providing equal opportunities to different groups, and thus giving a better quality of life to people most in need. The jobs these workers have tend to be permanent positions with limited rotation. Furthermore, just like the rest of their colleagues, they follow an induction plan whereby they are shown round the facilities and introduced to the people with whom they will be working.

In addition to Incorpora, Frit Ravich collaborates with other organisations such as the Berstelsmann Foundation, aimed at improving the employability of young people in Spain, through the Dual Vocational Training programme, by incorporating young people into the Sales and Quality departments. The aim is to extend this programme to other departments in the future.

Moreover, the company collaborates with other organisations such as Mifas, Fundació Eurofirms and Fundació Ramon Noguera.

For the company, the incorporation of people with different abilities is important for everybody, because when a person is hired, irrespective of their status, it is a learning experience for the whole team.